Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MANHATTAN - 1896 Death of a Colorado Politician Near a Harlem Casino

Found "in a lot of weeds, on the west side of Eighth Avenue, between 152nd and 153rd streets at 2:45 o'clock [November 19, 1896]," Frank P. Arbuckle, Chairman of the Democratic Committee of the State of Colorado.  Last seen alive at Maj. George W. Sauer's Atlanta Casino, which stood on the southwest corner of Eighth Avenue and 155th Street. His death was of natural causes, his body had been robbed.

The Buffalo Commercial, November 19, 1896, page 1
The Tammany Times, December 1, 1896, page 6

The casino burned down February 11, 1898.

I might mention here that the St. Nicholas Park Hotel was also owned by Germans; Edward and Martin Grassmuck.   

There was a period of time, perhaps from 1850 to 1900, that Harlem was in deed dominated by Germans.  There were German churches (like St. Joseph's, on 125th Street, also mentioned previously in this blog) and German shops like H. C. F. Koch & Co. on West 125th Street.  They left with the arrival of the blacks.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

BROOKLYN - The Garret Bergen Home, Third Avenue Between 33rd and 34th Streets

According to The American Magazine, Volume 40, pages 235-236, the vanished Bergen Homestead is haunted.

The Battle of Long Island was fought on August 27, 1776.  

The date of 1564 mentioned in the article is incorrect.  The house was built in 1662 by a widow named Mary Thomas.  It was sold by a William Thomas to Teunis Bergen (1730-1807) in 1763.  The Bergens were early settlers of New Amsterdam.  The Teunis G. Bergen mentioned in the article was a politician and a United States Representative from New York.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

STATEN ISLAND - The Alice Austen House

According to The American Magazine, Volume 40, pages 235-236, the Austen Mansion, now known as the Alice Austen House, is haunted.

Official museum website: