Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pictures From Today's Outing

A good, long walk clears the mind of debris and connects one with the rest of humanity.  Even misanthropes like myself need to rub elbows with the hoi polloi on occasion.  We did start, though, in a cemetery.

In CeauČ™escu's Harlem
Sugar Hill Development on 155th Street

Inside the eastern section of Trinity Church Cemetery, which is on on the former John James Audubon estate in Washington Heights.  We wanted to see the western portion, however it was closed today.
Monument of John James Audubon, who is buried here
My daughter said that Audubon was handsome.  She liked his hair.

Pennies left for William Austin Tucker, probably by a Santero.  Generally, pennies left on a grave are to "pay" for graveyard dirt taken to use in spells.  Often, the aid of the deceased individual is being requested.
Who knows why this grave was chosen.  William Austin Tucker was a senior partner and organizer of Tucker, Anthony and company,  bankers and brokers, 120 Broadway.   
Mausoleum door
Revolutionary War marker
Holy Father's Church (Russian Orthodox), viewed from cemetery
153rd Street, Harlem
I would love to see the onion dome repainted like in the following picture.

United Palace, built in 1930 and originally Loew's 175th Street Theatre 
I'd wear that.


Me and the Audreymeisterin, 181 Street Station

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BROOKLYN - 217 Albemarle Road

(Google Maps)

Mrs. Julia Heilner, 48, invalid wife of Princess Corset Company president Seligman L. Heilner, was murdered in the pantry of her home at 217 Albemarle Road before noon on April 23, 1915 by Joseph Hanel.  Out of charity, she had hired him to do odd jobs, thinking as he was a fellow German and she believed him to be a reservist stranded in New York due to the tying up of his ship, Vaterland.  In reality, he had recently been released from the Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia.

She was attacked from behind, her skull being bashed in with a beer bottle. She was then strangled with a clothesline.  He robbed the house of many items, mostly jewelry.

Hanel was executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing on September 1, 1916. It is reported that he died "without flinching."

Widower Seligman L. Heilner passed away June 6, 1917, aged 69 years.

Julia Heilner

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