Monday, December 12, 2016

MANHATTAN - Gone, gone, gone....Vanished New York, Part VII

"Unidentified view, New York City, 1897" found here (CLICK FOR LINK) and identified.


Fallon, Veterinary Surgeon, Horse Shoeing in wooden building #47 Duane Street
Finn Brothers Desk Company #45 Duane Street
J. Van Volkenburgh Horse Collar Works etc. #43 Duane Street
M. Flynn and Thomas Mead #41 Duane Street

Today, this site would be somewhere in between the U.S. Court of International Trade and Foley Square

Sunday, December 11, 2016

MANHATTAN - Gone, gone, gone....Vanished New York, Part VI

Labeled "Unidentified buildings covered in theatrical billboards, New York City, undated (ca. 1890-1910)" at the New-York Historical Society page, this is actually 42nd Street and Broadway (what is now Times Square), probably the spring of 1898 according to the shows advertised.

The following picture from the Museum of the City of New York's website confirms this.



Friday, December 9, 2016

BROOKLYN & MANHATTAN - Gone, gone, gone....Vanished New York, Part V

The New-York Historical Society Museum & Library website calls this an "Unidentified snowy street during the blizzard of '88, New York City, 1888."  It is actually Janes Methodist Episcopal Church....  Compare it against the next photo which they have labeled as such.

"Janes Methodist Episcopal Church, Patchen Avenue and Monroe Street, Brooklyn, New York, undated (ca. 1882-1884)."  HOWEVER their label is incorrect.  The following post card picture is of the church on Patchen and Monroe (actually, Reid and Monroe.)  Notice the little girl with baby carriage near the bottom right corner.

Janes Methodist Episcopal Church
in Brooklyn
This church is much larger and sits on a street corner.

So I looked to see if perhaps there was another Janes Methodist Episcopal Church.  One is mentioned on page 3 of The New York Times, June 3, 1869 issue.  The article it's mentioned in locates it at "the corner of Tenth-avenue and Forty-fourth-street" in Manhattan.

It's definitely the one in Manhattan, as the following photos will attest.

Janes Methodist Episcopal Church became the West Side Methodist Episcopal Church in 1917.  In 1927, it merged with the 18th Street Methodist Episcopal Church.  This excerpt is from "From Abyssinian to Zion: A Guide to Manhattan's Houses of Worship" by David W. Dunlap.
And based upon the first picture, this is the north side of West 44th Street looking east.

West 44th Street, north side, looking east

Click image to enlarge and compare features of 447-437 to the following Google Maps images.
Various real estate websites have the houses between 437-447 West 44th Street as having been built in 1920.  Perhaps this is just an estimate, or it's when substantial renovations were completed.  Those structures were actually built well before 1888, because they're shown here in the above photo.  447 is the taller one, followed by three shorter houses and then 437 appears to be the tallest one on that side of the block.  A careful eye will see those same buildings in the following pictures.

Here again 447 is a little taller than the next three to the right.  All four have the same cornices and corbels as in the 1888 photo.  Compare the doors.  These are 19th, not 20th, century homes.

For original images

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

THE BRONX - Intervale Elevated Subway Station

Otto Fiala, Intervale Station

This article from The Evening World (November 14, 1918, page 10) couldn't describe the scene more perfectly.  And with a picture of the victim!

The four men involved in the robbery and murder of Otto Fiala were executed by electric chair at Sing Sing on December 9, 1920.

Three men set fire to the station in a botched token machine robbery on March 15, 1989.  "The 2,000 square foot wood mezzanine was badly damaged."

Death Certificate
Name Fiala, Otto
Age 68 y
Date Nov 14
Year 1918
CertNbr 10024
Town/County Bronx

Is this location haunted?  Please contact me at with information.