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BROOKLYN - Suspicious Pier Death! Government Involved?

What really happened when the U.S. seized the Luckenbach Steamship Company's pier at the foot of 35th Street, Brooklyn?
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May 1, 1917
The New-York Tribune, May 1, 1917

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NYC Department of Records #1

NYC Department of Records #2

NYC Department of Records #3

The Evening World, May 1, 1917
No mention of any casualties

MANHATTAN - 2162 Madison Avenue pde_0209

Before there were Black Panthers in Harlem, there were the (White) Panther Boys

This building no longer stands.

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The Evening World, December 9, 1915


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MANHATTAN & BROOKLYN The Black Hand and Other Italian Goings On pde_0810

"Black Hand (Italian: Mano Nera, Sicilian: Manu Niera) was a type of extortion racket...not a criminal organization as such, though gangsters of the Camorra and the Mafia practiced it."

"Dear Friend di Prigamo,
Bring a sum of money in the amount of $500 to the point at the nearby battery at the nearby sea at the latrine between 11am and 12pm on March 25 and be on guard against talking, otherwise you'll come into some trouble...[something about a bomb behind one's door follows]...bring this money and that's it.  Ni Termi...B(a)lak enze"
(A better translation would be appreciated.)

Preceded by a band, the body of Carmine LEMMO, the Italian banker,
who was murdered by a "Black Hand" at his home, 107 Navy street,
was taken to Holy Cross Cemetery yesterday for burial.  The funeral
procession was the largest ever seen in the Italian colony in this
For many years LEMMO did a banking business at 107 Navy street.
He made a fortune, and as every one had predicted, he received Black
Hand letters some time ago demanding money. LEMMO paid no attention
to them.  On the night of May 11 a stranger approached LEMMO, as he
was sitting on the stoop in front of his home, and stabbed him in the
abdomen with a long knife.  LEMMO died on Saturday in the Brooklyn 
The Brooklyn Daily Standard Union, May 22, 1906. 
Murder at the Whip Club
Dominick Giamanca was shot in the abdomen at the Whip Club, #249 Columbia Street, on Christmas Day, 1913.  The murder was a gang affair.  "Giamanca was said to be cowering in a corner of the room while the eight men cut the cards to decide which should do the killing."  August Carfano and John Cusati were charged with the murder.  He died in the Long Island Hospital, New Year's Day, 1914.  The building at this address was built in 1931.
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 26, 1914.
The Evening World, January 27, 1914.
He Left Behind a Wife and Eight Children
Frank Palazzo, a butcher, was shot in front of #45 Nostrand Avenue by two unknown men in the rainy morning of February 7, 1914.  There was no evidence of robbery and his wife knew of no reason why he should be murdered.  This case appears to be unsolved.
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 7, 1914. 

These stories were extremely common in the Italian-American community.


UPDATE: MANHATTAN - 312 East 115th Street pde_0400

UNKNOWN NO MORE? (October 29, 2016)
Possibly Frederick de Lonardo (Leonardo?)

Unknown victim in front of 312 East 115th Street

The Sun, February 19, 1917
Finally got lucky in identifying this one.

These memory of these buildings is hidden
underneath another kind of ghetto--
NYCHA housing projects. 

The date of this photograph is in between 1916 and 1920. 

Trows General Directory of the Boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx, City of New York (p2) 1910 shows "Mastromonaco, Antonio. beer. 312 E. 115th." 

Originally published June 15, 2015

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NYC Department of Records #1
NYC Department of Records #2

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QUEENS (Woodside) - Corner of 38th Avenue and 55th Street

Read here about the The Scattered Dutchman

After reading the book (which I give 4/5 stars), I wanted to know, where did it happen?  The best I can say is here:

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