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MANHATTAN - 502 East 77th Street pde_0509

Patrolman John P. Flood of the 31st Precinct


Death Certificate
Name Flood, John P.
Age 37 y
Date Jul 3
Year 1917

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NYC Department of Records #1 
NYC Department of Records #2

Officer Down Memorial Page for John Flood (with portrait)

A boxer named Milton Bleier was arrested for the murder in January 1918, but I can find nothing more about the case.

The Location
The tenement in which Patrolman Flood was murdered was replaced by a rather ugly tower block in 1964.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MUGSHOTS Who are these mooks?

Fred Burbott
Thief and robber

Fred Burbott and Reuben Saperstone lured a man named Simon Hyman into an Albany, New York alley and mugged him in December 1913.  This mugshot was probably taken around that time.  In April 1917, a twenty-four-year-old Burbott was arrested in Buffalo on the charge of grand larceny for the theft of four automobile tires from the American Express Company.  October 1918 saw Burbott and a man named Otto Yanneck charged with grand larceny, second degree for stealing eight overcoats from the platform of... the American Express Company.  Only man with brass cajones or an idiot would thieve from the same place where he was caught before.  Looking at the picture, I'm betting on the latter.  It doesn't seem that Burbott ever married.  The last I can find on him is that he was 47 years old, single and living in a "flop house" in 1940.  Interestingly, he was employed as a watchman, because you know who you want watching your stuff?  A guy that is prone to steal things.
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Nathan Kagel
Nathan Kagel, 19, of 434 S. Fifth Street, and his associate Edward Gallenger were arrested at a Williamsburg pawnshop while trying to unload a "considerable" amount of stolen jewelry.  He was drafted into the military in June 1918.  The only Nathan Kagel I was able to find in the United States census records was born in 1896-1898 in England, the son of Russian immigrants Samuel and Rachael Kagel.  In 1940, this Nathan Kagel was married to a woman named Rosylin with a son Allen living in an apartment at 190 Ross Street.  He was a veteran of World War I, which fits the description of the young man pictured above.  I've been told that in the past, young men in trouble with the law could join the military instead of going to jail.  That might be what Nathan Kagel did.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BROOKLYN - 1977 Bergen Street and Antonio Siciliano, Career Criminal pde_0428/0429

Antonio Siciliano, eye à la Luciano 
If there's a story behind that eye, I don't know it.  This mugshot was probably done four months after his involvement in the theft of two cars.  His accomplice in that crime was named Samuel Aquintio.  (Asbury Park Press, November 14, 1918)

This mugshot was probably done just before going to Sing Sing.

The 1920 United States Census lists Antonio Siciliano as a prisoner at Sing Sing.
1977 Bergen Street is the red building.
Below is the body of Antonio Siciliano.

Forty-year-old Antonio Siciliano along with his associate Cesare Lattano and their pet bulldog were murdered in the two-bedroom basement apartment that they shared at 1977 Bergen Street on the morning of February 6, 1939.  The killers, Murder Inc. members Harry "Happy" Maione, dressed in women's clothing, Frank "The Dasher" Abbandando and fat Vito "Socko" Gurino gained entrance to the apartment with one or two other men and proceeded to fire numerous .38 caliber rounds into the underwear-clad men and their watchdog.  Apparently, the two were marked for death because they objected to a dollar-a-day kickback racket and refused to snuff out another member of their labor union, Calogero Verruso, who was trying to organize against Gesuele Capone, Local 65 of the Hod Carriers Union of America delegate and brother of Louis Capone, of 695 Maple.  It was Capone who directed the racket.

Calogero, 1239 Halsey Street, was later murdered.  Maione, 1288 Herkimer Street*, and Abbandando, 2050 Fulton Street, were electrocuted at Sing Sing in 1942 for another slaying. Gurino, 2104 Atlantic Avenue, went to prison in October 1940 for the murder of John "The Polak" Bagdonowitz, Long Island racketeer and rum runner.  He was sentenced to serve from 20 years to life.  He ended up kicking it April 23, 1957 at the Dannemora State Hospital for the Criminal Insane.  Gesuele was a fugitive for a few years before he was finally arrested in 1942, his address then being 178 Hopkinson Street.  I can't find anything else about the guy.
*Addresses given are the only ones known to me.  I'm pretty sure these guys moved around a lot.

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