Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BOOK RECOMMENDATION "The Secret Subway" by Shana Corey and Red Nose Studio

This title is for children 4-8 years old.  An interesting subject from New York's past.

CONTAINS NO MURDER.  (Yes, I know, I've been quiet on that subject for a few days.  I'll be back to it shortly.  Posting about it, that is!) 

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

BROOKLYN - 394 Metropolitan Avenue pde_0125

394 Metropolitan Avenue with door open.  Murder occurred inside first floor hallway near entrance.

Death Certificate
Name  Rubino, John
Age  49 y
Date  Oct 17
Year  1917
CertNbr  20457
Town/County  Kings

For the original images please see


See also
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 18, 1917, p. 2

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 25, 1918, p. 15
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 29, 1918, p.2

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 30, 1918, p. 2

The Evening World, October 18, 1917, p. 7

The Brooklyn Eagle, December 14, 1917, p. 24

394 Metropolitan Avenue Today

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Friday, June 26, 2015

LOCATION UNKNOWN - 15 or 115...where is/was this? pde_0005

There are enough clues in this photo that an identification should be easy.  Latin-looking people poking about, dead body on the sidewalk.

The building at the far right is probably a saloon...

 ...although the window is decorated more like a modern-day liquor store.  I'm not an expert, but I'm calling it either a saloon or a liquor store.
This advertisement dates the scene to after February 21, 1916.  The company was formerly called H. Koehler & Co. Inc. Brewery.

We have a building 15 (or is it 115?).  The neighborhood is probably dominated by Italian immigrants.

This photo is featured in Luc Sante's "Evidence."

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MANHATTAN - 530 West 174th Street pde_0343

530 West 174th Street


Death Certificate
Name  Mann, Emma C.
Age 51 y
Date  Nov 22
Year  1916
CertNbr  32969
Town/County  Manhattan

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MANHATTAN - 2193 7th Avenue pde_0218

This is not a homicide scene.

The New York Times, January 5, 1916, p. 13
Perhaps not such a nice old man.  The Sun, March 26, 1887, p. 4

Death Certificate
Name  Shaw, Walter A.
Age  81 y
Date  Jan 3
Year  1916
CertNbr  561
Town/County  Manhattan

For the original images please view

NYC Department of Records #1
NYC Department of Records #2

This address now belongs to condos built in 2008.

MANHATTAN - 63 Orchard Street pde_0335

This is probably not a homicide.  Hannah "Annie" Rose

I'm not 100% certain that I have named this victim and location correctly, however after searching all available New York newspapers from 1914 to 1920 for elevator deaths and finding only one of an octogenarian female, I am fairly confident in my identification.

63 Orchard Street, built c. 1910-- 餓鬼?

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, October 22, 1916, p. 68

Death Certificate
Name Rose, Hannah
Age 80 y
Date Oct 19
Year 1916
CertNbr 30033
Town/County Manhattan

Link: 59-63 Orchard Street on Curbed

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

STATEN ISLAND - 11 Father Capodanno Boulevard pde_0148

Address unknown.  Monroe & Eckstein were brewers on Staten Island.  The buildings in the picture are all wood, the street is dirt.  Having found a couple of newspaper articles about a murder on Staten Island that happened September 16, 1917, it would seem that this is...Staten Island.
Father Capodanno Boulevard was formerly known as Seaside Boulevard.
The Washington Herald, September 17, 1917, p. 1


See also
The New York Times, September 17, 1917

Is this #11 Seaside Boulevard?  1917

#11 Father Capodanno Boulevard Today

For the original images please view

NYC Department of Records #1
NYC Department of Records #2
NYC Department of Records #3

#11 Father Capodanno Boulevard Today

MANHATTAN - 462 8th Avenue pde_0675

462 8th Avenue

New York City Telephone Directory, 

New York Telephone Company,
This address now belongs to a Duane Reade pharmacy.

Monday, June 22, 2015

MANHATTAN - 548 West 45th Street pde_0671

James McCarthy

The Evening World, March 25, 1916, p. 6

At least it's not projects.  On the downside, it's currently $3,150 for a studio apartment at this address.
548 West 45th Street Today

MANHATTAN - 56 West 11th Street pde_0689

This isn't a homicide.  Nurse Nellie F. Keena. 

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 7, 1916, p. 1

He seemed to be from a good family.  Geyer's Stationer, Volume 53

56 West 11th Street, built in 1912

For the original images please view

NYC Department of Records #1
NYC Department of Records #2

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

MANHATTAN - 270 1st Avenue Related Articles

Related to:

MANHATTAN #270 1st Avenue pde_0792

270 1st Avenue 1903

The New York Times, June 20, 1915, p. 12

Police Question Man Pointed Out by Little Sister of

Charles Murray.


Peddler Admits He Was in House on Night Boy Was Killed, but Denies Seeing Him.

A peddler of novelties was taken to Police Headquarters late last evening and there questioned by Inspector Faurot and Captain Gilday concerning the murder of four-year-old Charles Murray who was slashed by a Jack-the-Ripper, a few weeks ago in the hallway of his home, 270 First Avenue.  The peddler was not arrested, but a dozen detectives were hurried out to investigate his statements concerning himself.

He admitted that he had been at the house on the night of the murder and had even been in the hallway, but he denied that he had seen the little boy or had anything to do with his death, explaining that he had visited the house to sell some of his wares to a stationer on the ground floor.

He was in the neighborhood last night when Mamie Murray, the small sister of the dead boy, who saw a man leave the hall just before her brother’s body was found, came out of the house and caught sight of him.  She ran in and told her mother she was certain he was the same man she had seen on the night of the murder, and Mrs. Murray got Detective Frederick Russell, who has been on duty at the house daily since the murder in the hope that the slayer might return.

Russell questioned the man and then took him to Police Headquarters.

The man was released early this morning, as Inspector Faurot said he was satisfied he had nothing to do with the Charlie Murray murder.
The New York Times, July 21, 1915, p. 20 
270 1st Avenue Today


Queens Prisoner Answers Description of Man Who Killed Charles Murray.


Graham Was Once Suspected of Having Murdered a Girl in East Elmhurst

Detectives in Manhattan and Queens County are investigating the recent past of Leon Graham, 25 years old, held in Long Island City on the theory that he may be the “Ripper” who killed four-year old Charles Murray on the night of May 3 in a tenement house at 270 First Avenue, near Sixteenth Street.  He was recently released from Sing Sing after serving a nine-year sentence for an attack on a little girl and he is now held without bail on a charge of attacking a twelve-year old boy last week.

Graham’s record, coupled with the fact that he is thought to have been staying at the Municipal Lodging House in Manhattan at the time the Murray boy was killed, has made him the object of the police suspicion.  The man attempted to commit suicide in the Queens County jail last Saturday.  Graham answers the general description of the “Ripper” given by the children who are believed to have seen him prior to the murder of the Murray boy.  He will be taken before these children today.

There is, however a question in the mind of the police concerning the accuracy of their theory, because the assumption that Graham murdered the Murray boy destroys the previous police assumption that Charles Murray and five-year old Lenora Cohen, who was killed by a “Ripper” at 350 Third Avenue, on March 19, were murdered by the same man.

Captain Herbert Graham, of the Queens County Detective Bureau, said last night that the prisoner was in the State Penitentiary on Blackwell’s Island for a misdemeanor at the time Lenora Cohen was killed, so he could not have committed that crime.

Graham was convicted in 1907 of an attack on a little girl in Elmhurst, and was sentenced to ten years in Sing Sing.  He was suspected at the time of the murder of Amelia Charlotte Staffeldt, 12 years old, who was killed by a degenerate in East Elmhurst, but his innocence of the crime was proved.  The man was removed from Sing Sing recently after serving nine years of his sentence, and he returned to his old haunts in Brooklyn and Queens.

Early last week Louis Jacobson, 12 years old, of Elmhurst, was attacked by a man near the spot where Graham’s was arrested on suspicion, being held on a charge of vagrancy.  When he was arraigned in the Flushing Police court yesterday, Louis Jacobson identified him as the man who had attacked him, so the charge of vagrancy was dropped and one of assault made.  It was then that the police developed the theory that Graham may have murdered Charles Murray.

Graham’s character is well known in Queens County, where he has lived, except for his term in prison, since his birth.  Before he was sent to Sing Sing, nine years ago, he was believed to have attacked a number of little girls and boys in Queens County.